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For the 2020-21 school year, the band program will be offering some great courses through e-learning! Along with our normal marching band, drumline, and color guard activities (in a virtual setting), students will have the opportunity to play in one of two separate concert bands. There will not be a placement audition for incoming freshmen; they will automatically be placed in Symphonic Band unless they want to audition for Wind Ensemble. The rosters for each concert band is posted on the 2020-21 Information page

Marching Band

Marching Band

Why do kids enjoy the Pali Marching Band & Color Guard? 

They are immediately accepted into the Pali Band Family, become friends with many other kids, have a “home base” at school in the band room, have a great time with the band and color guard events, and enjoy being part of great performances as well as one of the most visible organizations on campus!

What do students learn from being in Band or Color Guard? 


In addition to learning about music, great aerobic/physical training, and leadership,

they learn how to work intricately and collaborative as an interactive team. They learn time management, success skills, self-reliance and the joy that comes from the team’s success.

In the fall, the band and color guard perform together as The Palisades Charter High School Marching Band.  This is a competitive ensemble that performs as a Pep Band at Pep Rallies and home football games and competes against other high school bands. 

Band camp, which is mandatory and serves as preparation for the upcoming season, takes place late in summer before school starts. It is an excellent opportunity for band members to get acquainted with each other and marching band itself!


Students create strong bonds and enjoy many fun activities during this time as they work

together to learn how to combine music and movement. Teamwork and leadership are

developed as vital qualities for success and set the foundation for the following seasons

of Concert Band, Winter Drumline, and Winter Guard.

In addition to the Band Director, the members of the band and color guard receive

specialized instruction from a team of expert coaches.

All students interested in participating in the award-winning Pali Marching Band must be

enrolled in at least one of the two concert bands.


The Pali Band meets regularly after school on Mondays, 3:10-5 PM, and Wednesdays

and Fridays, 4:30-8 PM.

Students will go on to compete in four regional festivals during the fall semester. The

season goes through the beginning of December.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the premiere performance ensemble of the Pali High Band program. Comprising students grades 9–12, the Wind Ensemble performs masterworks of the concert band repertoire at three on-campus concerts per year, and one off-campus performance in a world-class music festival. Given the musical demand of the repertoire, participation in this ensemble is by audition only. 


Year long participation is required.


Students must provide “concert black” to wear at concerts.


Wind Ensemble - Period 4


Symphonic Band - Period 6

The Symphonic Band is home to many students in the Pali Band Program and performs grade level 3-5 music at three on-campus concerts per year. All students are welcome to join; there is no audition for participation for this class, however basic music reading and performance skills are a requirement. 

Year long participation is required.


Students must provide “concert black” to wear at concerts.

Symphonic Band

Color Guard - Period 6

wg team.jpg

Our color guard class meets during Period 7. During the fall, the color guard must also participate in our marching band in order to enroll. The first semester is dedicated to building basic skills through our fall marching band show. During the second semester, the guard will begin to work on their winter guard show, which will compete in the Spring semester. The color guard is also expected to be at every marching band event, rehearsal, and meeting. Anyone interested in participating must first speak to Allison Wyant, our color guard coach, or Mr. Farrell

Color Guard

Drumline - Period 7

Our winter drumline, which competes in the SCPA circuit with some of the best drum lines in the country, meets during Period 7. This drumline is separate from the marching band percussion and drumline section, but many students choose to enroll in both our marching band and our indoor drumline concurrently. This course meets year-round, with a first-semester focus on percussion basics, and a second-semester focus on preparing our competitive show. There are no after-school commitments for the class until later in the fall. Our regular rehearsal schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 3-5 PM, with the occasional Saturday camp or competition. The season schedule is posted well in advance on our program calendar.

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