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Student Resources

If you haven't already...

We are planning on "business as usual" until we hear otherwise, so be sure to register for marching band as soon as you can.

Fair Share contributions are vital for the future of the Pali Band programs. We depend on funds provided by band families, so read about why Fair Share contributions are so important and how to make a payment.

Emails with important information are sent out to all Pali Band members and parents, so make sure you and your parent(s) are signed up.

Learn about Pali Band and the general details of the program! An updated version is coming soon.

To access resources throughout the school year...

Here is the Google Drive for the 2019 Marching Band; the link will be updated for 2020 soon. You will find sheet music, recordings, dot cards, forms, documents, and more. If you are missing music for either marching band or concert band OR if you are missing a dot card that is not available on the Google Drive, contact Band Secretary Sarah Kageyama. It is better to tell her that you are missing your dot card or music than keeping it quiet; we can't have successful rehearsals without having the materials we need, so it's more helpful to bring it to her attention.

The Marching Band 2020-21 Facebook Group will be set up at the beginning of the season. Schedules for rehearsals, competitions, and other events will be regularly posted there, along with other important information. The Facebook group is the most updated platform that allows you to readily review the necessary information, so it is important that you create a Facebook profile if you don't have one already. Your section leader will add you to the group once it has been created.

If you are missing rehearsal for any reason, you must fill out this form. More details are presented about the Attendance Policy when you open the form.

The link will be updated with an order form. With it, you will be able to order band gear, including rehearsal shirts, performance shirts, and hoodies, each in your size.

On Google Calendar, you can find the dates of events for both the marching band and the concert bands. The information posted on this calendar serves as a brief overview of important dates, so make sure you're on the email list to access the specific schedules of each event. It is important to look at these events ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicting personal events. (See the Absence Request Form for more details on the Attendance Policy.) You can access the band calendar through the link above, or you could download the Google Calendar app to your phone.


To sync the Pali Band calendar with your school email account or personal gmail account:

1. Open Google Calendar while logged into your account on a computer

2. On the bottom left, next to "Other Calendars," click the plus sign

3. From there, click "From URL"

4. Paste this URL into the provided text box (copy the URL by right-clicking the link and selecting "Copy Link Address")

Once you have successfully added the calendar, the Pali Band events will be viewable from your gmail account on Google Calendar.

Along with photos shared in the Marching Band Facebook Group, you can view photos taken by Paul Schreiber (password: phmb). We are so grateful that Paul takes the time to capture these moments; it's fun to look back on these memories, so be sure to thank him. We're also appreciative of all other parent volunteers who put in their effort and energy to support this program, so tell the parents how grateful you are!

If you have any questions...
Don't be afraid to ask! If it isn't urgent, go to your section leader first, and if they can't answer it, they'll find someone else to help. Pali Band is filled with supportive and understanding students; if you ever need anything, just talk to a fellow band member.
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