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Pali Marching Band 2023

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Band Director

Peter Ye

Parent Volunteer Contact

Shannon Paresa

Percussion Contact

Mike Schlotter

Pali Band Values

1. Family

Pali Band welcomes every student who is willing to devote his or her time and energy to the organization, regardless of individual circumstances. In return for their dedication, the band offers a home and sense of family to all of its members, and strives to develop an environment characterized by caring and acceptance.

2. Respect

All members of Pali Band actively demonstrate respect for themselves, their instructors, and their peers, while striving to earn the appreciation of the school and community at large. Pali Band members are respectful of their equipment, uniforms, and facilities with the knowledge that their actions reflect the organization as a whole.


3. Discipline

As members of Pali Band, students will develop a greater understanding of the discipline and focus performance demands. While doing so, they will learn that they are responsible both to themselves, and to the ensemble.


4. Performance

Members of Pali Band regularly practice outside of rehearsal to ensure that rehearsal time can be devoted solely to learning how individual members contribute to the collective, designed goal of each season. Over the course of their high school careers, Pali Band members will develop performance  skills as the band strives to achieve expressive excellence.

5. Leadership

As a student-driven organization, Pali Band offers its members a number of ways to develop leadership skills, regardless of whether or not they serve as a student leader in an official capacity. Pali Band student leaders facilitate communication, lead by example, and provide a source of friendship for all members.

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